The Fearless Presenter?

The Fearless Presenter?
Successful Public Speaking and Presenting

Racing heart, sweaty palms, dry mouth. Consumed by feelings of
panic and anxiety. An almost overwhelming 
urge to flee whilst
simultaneously feeling rooted to the spot.


Is that something you’re familiar with? Something you’ve experienced?
Something that gets in the way of you being your best, doing the work you really want to be doing, applying for jobs or promotions you never get beyond dreaming about? 

Presenting or speaking in front of a group of people, large or small, is reported
to be the number one fear for many thousands of people, apparently ranking
higher than the fear of heights, spiders, flying, and even…dying.

Scary stuff?

Potentially yes, yet paradoxically it’s also something many, many people express a real interest in doing, and in developing the confidence and competence to do well.
They do, (read the testimonials), and you can too.

Is avoidance the answer?

Increasingly, whatever role you’re in: sales professional or lawyer, student or teacher, manager or team member, the role will involve presenting – public speaking –to groups of all sizes, locally and sometimes nationally, on a variety of topics and to people from all walks of life.

What about you?

Most people don’t do anything about the need they know they
have until a situation arises in which they have to.

Are you the type to leave it until you think you might
need it, until you wish you done something about it?

Or would you take control, be pro-active and invest in yourself now,
Invest in your skill-set, employability and future prospects?

Why wait?

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