“I was recently in a very dark and difficult place. Anxious, not sleeping, constant feelings of self-doubt and total hopelessness. However, after just three consultations with Steve my positive mood, self-esteem and self-confidence were well on the way to being fully restored. His approach, sincerity and wise words were amazing. It’s not easy to articulate just how much this has helped me, but my life is now very much back on course.”
A.P. West Yorkshire

“As a senior manager in a local authority, Steve has helped me become a more authentic leader. He has done this by supporting me to question many of my long held assumptions about myself. He has a unique ability to both challenge your world view but at the same time create a safe place to explore those challenges. I would recommend him to anyone who wants to be the leader they really are rather than the leader who they or others think they should be.”
E.H. West Yorkshire

“Steve has been working as patient and carer engagement lead in our Prime Minister’s Challenge project in West Wakefield. He has been fantastic to work with and his contribution has been excellent. Through his engaging style and friendly, open personality he rapidly gained the confidence of a diverse range of patient groups of all ages.”

His genuine passion shines through in everything he does and I would highly recommend him if you need a safe and experienced pair of hands for an engagement project.”
Dr Chris Jones, Programme Director West Wakefield Prime Minister’s Challenge,
Medical Director 365 Response, Owner & MD IQUS Limited, GP

“I first approached Steve stuck in a rut, unsure of which direction to head towards while dealing with mild depression and wanting to go off in 6 different directions at once.

With Steve’s friendly, approachable style, along with his unique gift to blend his real-life experiences with change techniques and apply them to my situation, in just a few sessions I had found a renewed passion for progress and a more direct and streamlined approach to set off on achieving my goals.

Working with Steve is an amazing experience and one that has been both challenging and rewarding. I would recommend Steve to anyone as he has the ability to connect with anyone and steer them in the right direction.”
Coaching and hypnotherapy client

“I approached Steve as a result of experiencing repeated episodes of debilitating anxiety when driving on motorways. This fear was impacting greatly on my life; both personally and professionally. Following a few sessions with Steve I have now regained the confidence to drive on the motorway again, and the whole experience has been extremely positive, rewarding and liberating. Thank you.”
Coaching and hypnotherapy client

“I’ve known Steve since 1998 when we worked together in mental health and we’ve remained in touch ever since.

Steve was a team leader of huge energy and vision. I watched him rise to one challenge after another, while unstintingly offering support to others. As a result our team continually excelled.

Steve is the sort of professional who knows it’s not enough to ‘make a difference’. Whether you are an individual or a business you have to understand which difference and how to bring it about if you want to be the best you can be.

Steve understands this crucial difference between game-raising and game-changing. He also has the courage to use it and this is what makes him such an inspirational coach.”
Robert Jenkins, Dedicated Associates

On 15 November 2013 North Essex Partnership University NHS Foundation Trust held its first ever conference for administration staff. Over 100 admin staff attended the event at the Central Baptist Church in Chelmsford. One of the speakers, Steve Tathata, delivered his presentation on ‘Anything is Possible: Living your Potential’. It was a gem and one of the most enjoyable and inspirational talks I have ever listened to.

Steve captured our interest from his opening sentence, and delivered an interesting, funny, engaging session, and for 40 minutes we were all mesmerised. I heard one delegate ask the organiser “where have you found him?”

Steve spoke about believing in something or someone, influencing an outcome, goal setting, how people are filled with infinite potential and how we can realise that potential. He reminded us that we can all experience the most growth by facing our fears, stepping out of our comfort zones and giving it a go, and how we need to recognise that change begins with us as an individual.

He also spoke about two things that had changed his life, namely:

  1. Wellness Recovery Action Plan (WRAP)
  2. Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP)

Steve used the analogy that looking after our health and wellbeing is like a bank account:

If you only make withdrawals, you can only become overdrawn.
When was the last time you did something to balance your account?”

He reminded us that we should always be a first rate version of ourself and not a second-rate version of somebody else.

The evaluations completed by delegates attending the conference course spoke volumes and 94% thought Steve’s session was excellent. Inspirational, informative, brave, excellent, memorable, superb were some of the words used to describe Steve’s presentation.

Quotes from delegates include:

  • It was so very inspirational and has given me things to think about”.
  • It touched my heart and has supported me in some thoughts around my own life”.
  • “Steve was an excellent speaker and it opened my mind”.

I believe we were all truly mesmerised and blown away by Steve’s naturalness, his enthusiasm, his passion, his humour and the sincerity in which he delivered his session. I have no doubt that Steve was the star of the day, and has left a lasting impression in the minds of those who attended the conference.

We would have no hesitation in inviting Steve to present at any future conferences held in our Trust.
Carol Larcombe, Trust CPA Coordinator, North Essex Partnership University NHS Foundation Trust

“I’ve enjoyed a number of group training sessions with Steve and his method of engaging with his audience is outstanding. Softly spoken, but with authority and revere, he delivers the subject in a unique and enjoyable way – ensuring the message is delivered and remembered!

I’ve never met anyone who can equal Steve’s natural ability to Chair and facilitate sessions so effectively and with such empathy.”
Jonathan Lightbody, Director and Business Improver

“Steve has facilitated meetings and run training sessions for our business on better ways to communicate and presentation skills. He has made the sessions fun to be part of, engendering the right balance for people to learn and be actively involved in the process.”
Mark Greenhalgh

“I have worked alongside Steve for the past few years and it has been a pleasure to do so. When delivering training he is always prepared, with the aim of bringing out the best in the participants, Steve mixes a natural story telling ability with humour and gentle challenging. The challenge Steve commonly returns to is “What are your goals?” He will then gently support you to find your own answers. This is personalised training at its best.”
Nick Arkle, Patient Experience and Psychosocial Interventions Lead, Rotherham Doncaster and South Humber NHS Foundation Trust

“This was a really enjoyable 2 days despite the potentially sensitive issues. Great input from the services users. Steve was a brilliant facilitator – good humour and pitched at a good and appropriate level.”
Self-Management Workshop Participant

“By far the best training course I have attended! I felt that all of my learning needs were met, the course exceeded my expectations. Fantastic!”
Self-Management Workshop Participant

“I wanted to say a few words about Steve to anyone who may have an interest in him and his work. It seems almost impossible to describe but there is a certain something about Steve, an ability to connect with people, perhaps an energy or a presence, that immediately puts you at ease. No matter how nervous or anxious you are before attending one of his training events or speaking with him one to one his calm voice and encouraging words will bring out the best in you.

The first time I met Steve was at an induction event where I spoke to him briefly and although I didn’t know who he was or get to know his name I felt he was genuinely interested in what I had to say. Later in the day I was at a team meeting when our Director of Nursing informed us that someone new had joined the team. He went on to describe the qualities of the new person, the kind of person he was. I immediately said, “I met him this morning”. You’ve guessed it – it was Steve. The description exactly matched what I had witnessed in those few minutes of conversation.

His professional yet informal and engaging style, coupled with his ability to read and understand people and situations, make him the perfect trainer and facilitator. You can’t help but enjoy and learn from any training he presents as it is interesting, relaxed, funny and professional all rolled into one.

On an individual level he always makes time (even when his time is clearly very limited) to listen and offer support. His personal experiences have enriched his life and he is happy to share them with others as an example of how the past need not determine the future.

I would not hesitate to recommend him both as a trainer and also as someone who can help you find a way forward in times of challenge or uncertainty.”

Well done Steve.
J. Rutherford, Doncaster

“I have known Steve for over 10 years and in that time he has become a valued support for me, both as an inspirational trainer and as a caring and compassionate human being. He has many strengths including an ability to empower people to think problems through and explore and identify ways of moving forward. Not just a trainer but an enabler, someone who is constantly looking for ways to improve his own performance and that of others, always curious, seeking knowledge, learning and growing.

I believe Steve is an outstanding asset to any organisation that employs him, in whatever capacity, and would not hesitate to recommend him. His commitment to supporting others, his skill and ability in his training role, and the help he so willingly provides to people who are finding life a challenge is highly valued by many.”
Malcolm Rutt, former Carer Involvement Lead NIMHE/CSIP/YHIP, Yorkshire and Humber LINk lead and PLUS and ASIST Trainer

“Steve has made a real difference to my life; he has a particular style that I can’t quite put my finger on, but one which, combined with his calm manner and voice manages to make you question your own values and motivations, in a way which enables you to think differently. The impact Steve has had on the way I think has enabled me to make changes in my life that I never thought I could or would do; to be less of a martyr, to do more to be personally fulfilled and in doing that accept it will create challenges, but that I will get over them and succeed. I now give myself permission to be more self-fulfilled, rather than just respond to the needs of others; to be more selfish, which is liberating in itself.

Each and every contact I have with Steve has a profound and positive effect on me, taking me on a journey, prompting me to reflect on my actions and those of others in new and different ways. This is not something I pay for; he is not my therapist/counsellor – I work with him infrequently on a specific project, yet he still manages to have a major impact on me and how I think.”
J. Ellerton, Assistant Senior Officer, Commissioning Support & Service Change

“I have to say there were some initial fears from the team about someone coming in and telling them all the things they weren’t doing and dictating what they should. We found working with Steve to be the total opposite of that. Sure he’s very clear where responsibility for practice rests, and quite rightly that’s with practitioners themselves, but at the same time he’s given us 100% support with practice and service development and I don’t remember a single moment throughout the time he’s spent with us that he’s told us what to do.

His approach has been to provide an opportunity for us to explore what we should doing together and what might be missing. He’s generated a lot of thinking and discussion, enabled us to identify areas for improvement and any challenges getting in the way of change, and he’s done all of this without once being critical, always constructive. He’s also answered every question we’ve put to him but in such a way that he’s encouraged and enabled us to find our own answers rather than giving them to us. It’s not an approach we’re used to and it’s worked really well. ”
A. Wragg, Team Manager, Doncaster Prisons’ Community Mental Health Team

“From the very beginning Steve took an approach that was completely unfamiliar to me in that the focus was on what I wanted to do – on my goals, dreams and aspirations. We worked together from a starting point of possibility and potential. Perhaps most importantly, the approach taken was grounded in a belief in me and in my future. This gave me real hope and although that was very positive it was also very scary because it had never been part of my life.”
Glyn Butcher, Rotherham (You can read Glyn’s award winning article here)

“Steve is an outstanding trainer. He deals with the most senior and the most junior professionals in the same way – with an easy manner and air of professionalism. His style is unique and engaging and would work well in both the private and public sphere. I would strongly recommend him to any other business or company looking for cutting edge training that guarantees staff/team buy-in.”
Brendan Fatchett, UK Sales and Marketing Director, SRCL www.srcl.com

“To be a brilliant public speaker or trainer requires, among other things, a thorough knowledge of the subject material and the ability to develop rapport with an audience. I have had the pleasure of training with Steve. He has integrity and a strong desire to present material in such a way as to truly help others understand it. Having witnessed his considerable abilities firsthand, I can say without reservation that he is a brilliant public speaker and trainer and I highly recommend his services.”
Tobias Lafleur Ph.D. Certified Trainer & Coach

“I almost wish I had never been trained in anything so that I could take all of my trainings with you. You are my dream trainer. You are a natural storyteller and your love and caring for people blows me away. Thank you for the learnings, the caring, the support and the confidence.”
Denny Ashkenazi, Trainer and Coach of NLP, TLT, Hypnosis and Founder of NOW
, Los Angeles, California

“Sharing this adventure with you has taught me so much. To believe at all times that anything is possible, that laughter is so powerful and healing.”
Kim Redman. Speaker, Trainer, Coach, Author. Canada www.kimredmannlp.com

“Working with Steve was a personal breakthrough experience for me. His approach is dynamic and concise. He was able to get to the heart of a number of issues that were holding me back from achieving the results I was looking for. I would recommend working with Steve to anyone who is looking for results in eliminating problems and working toward their full potential.”
Tony Sedgwick, Las Vegas, Nevada

“10 out of 10. Wicked training, good down to earth tutor who made learning fun and enjoyable.”
Steve S. Recovery Champion, Scunthorpe

“Seriously, really good and very well put together! Apprehensive this morning but thoroughly enjoyed it!”
Jonathan Cliff, SRCL

“Anything you deliver you know is going to be good so I would say to others go on it as long as Steve delivers it. You have a gift for making it fun, relaxed, interesting and special. Fabulous. What’s next?”
Sara S. Drug Practitioner, Scunthorpe

“I can’t think of anything you could do differently! Really enjoyed the activities in between (will definitely use them), had some great giggles and laughs as well.”
Amy Beamish, SRCL

“Throughout the course you could see people starting to change. . . like magic. They came alive with the realisation of the power that they have. The power to do anything if they put their mind to it.”
Michelle Spry, Occupational Therapist, Leeds

“From an initial position of fear and trepidation of participating in any public address the ‘Fearless Presenter’ course enabled me to enhance my skills and manage my anxiety. This was through building rapport with an audience, gaining constructive feedback of ability, providing clear presenting skills, the use of creative imagery, and allowing self reflection. This course enabled me to present at my first conference. The course encouraging me to reach my potential…and to go even further.”
Gareth Flanders, Patient Safety Manager, Leeds

“The day was excellent, informative and uplifting. I DID conquer my fear and actually spoke in front of 70 people!!!”
Katie Hemmings, Support, Time and Recovery Worker, Rotherham

“Thoroughly enjoyed the day. Trainer made it very welcoming and made it an informative and pleasant experience for an area which can cause a lot of anxiety for a lot of people.
A. Parker, Rethink, Doncaster

“As usual feedback is very positive indeed. Once again thank you for providing the training.”
Community Links, Leeds

“I wish I could have done this training 15 years ago…”
Brian Trout, Moving and Handling Trainer, Doncaster