Hi, I’m Steve and this – my ever evolving website and blog – is my intention for sharing more of who I am and what I do with the world.

Much of my working life has been in a development role in some way or other, either working 1:1 as a counsellor, therapist and coach; or working with teams, groups and organisations as a manager, coach, consultant and workshop facilitator.

I use a range of approaches to work with people who want to make changes in their lives, in their organisations or in their communities. People who want to find direction and move forward, find solutions to challenges, new ways of doing things, or live more fulfilling lives. I’ve worked with people from all kinds of backgrounds, and on pretty much anything and everything that people seek assistance with.

I’ve trained in a variety of recognised techniques for facilitating change and growth, and some not quite so readily recognised ones. As such I’ve spent time learning with many masters of their respective crafts, from academics and teachers, professionals and practitioners through to healers, hypnotherapists, shaman and pilgrims. I’ve also been blessed  to spend time learning from many people who didn’t have a specific theory or model to follow but found out what works for them through trial, error, ‘failure’ and feedback. I’m eternally curious about people, possibility and potential and a great believer in life-long learning.

Of course theoretical models are one thing, and opportunity to apply them in real-life experience another. So I’m deeply indebted to the many people who’ve given me those invaluable opportunities to put into practice, in a wide-variety of settings, the stuff of change that has been taught in the ‘classroom’. Without question the vast majority of my real teachings have come from living life and the journey so far. From experiences that could be defined as both good and bad, from the many places I’ve travelled and the many people I’ve had the privilege to meet, know, work and grow with.

I’ve held a lead role in service, practice and policy development and other related areas such as team development, patient/service user, carer and community engagement/involvement, event planning and facilitation. I have over 17 years experience of working in and with mental health services and I’ve been pro-active in the development and delivery of a number of initiatives – regionally and nationally – to support high-quality, personalised care planning, prevention, recovery-focused practice and self-management. Having worked in and with private, public and third sector organisations I believe I bring real breadth and depth of experience to what I do and how I do it.

Whenever I can I love to get outdoors: to travel, explore and discover; visit new places, connect with different people, consider other perspectives, learn and grow. Traveling light, usually with just a small backpack, without expectation and never quite knowing what will happen this day or the next. I love the analogy with life. Instead of wanting (or needing) to control things, letting go of having to know. Living in the moment, dealing with the challenges and uncertainties as they arise. Always finding a way forward, yet not always knowing it’s the right one.

I’ve had some great hiking adventures in the UK and USA; had an especially memorable time in Peru – spending time with healers and shaman and other inspiring people – and perhaps my most meaningful experience to date has been hiking the Camino de Santiago across northern Spain. Twice now, in 2015 and 2016, around 500 miles each time. The first time it was very much about setting myself a challenge of getting to the end point as quickly as possible. The second time the intentional focus was on the journey itself, being present in and enjoying the moment, meeting new people, surrendering to uncertainty, going with the flow and whatever that brought up. Both Caminos have had a huge impact on me, not least on my thinking about life, living, purpose and meaning. The ‘spiritual’ stuff I’d so often read or heard about but never quite grasped. I learned lots of lessons along the way, not least that no matter how big your goal, no matter how far away it seems, if you know where you’re going and can be flexible in your plans, just keep taking steps, no matter how small, and eventually you’ll get there.

If there’s something you want to do, somewhere you want to go, or someone you want to be (you, perhaps?) then go for it. You’re never too old, it’s never too late, and don’t let anyone tell you otherwise (and believe me, many people will want to…).

Thank you.

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PGDip in Health and Social Care: Recovery and Social Inclusion in Mental Health
Recovery Advanced Level Facilitator
Advanced Life Coaching & Corporate Consulting Skills
ILM Diploma in Management Coaching & Mentoring
Diploma in Performance Coaching
CIPD Certificate in Training Practice
Certified WRAP and Recovery Educator
ABNLP Certified NLP Trainer
ABNLP NLP Master Practitioner
INLPTA NLP Master Practitioner
INLPTA NLP Practitioner
TLTA Certified Time Line Therapy™ Trainer
TLTA Time Line Therapy™ Master Practitioner
LCCH Certificate in Clinical Hypnosis
HCB Diploma in Hypnotherapy
AEB/CSCT Certificate in Counselling Skills
AEB/CSCT Certificate in Counselling Theory
AEB/CSCT Combined Certificate in Counselling


ABNLP: American Board of NLP
INLPTA: International NLP Training Association
TLTA: Time Line Therapy Association
AEB/CSCT: Associated Examining Board/Central School of Counselling & Therapy
ILM: Institute of Leadership and Management
CIPD: Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development
LCCH: London College of Clinical Hypnosis
HCB: Hypnotherapy Control Board